Infographic Inspiration

Awhile back I took an Information Graphics class. Truthfully, in the beginning I did not care for it all that much. I had to grasp the concept of why and how we use data visually. After the class was over I began to notice how often we use it and how important is to us.

Have you ever looked at a research paper and gone “Uh that is just too much to read”, then skim through it and not really soak in anything? Of course you have. Let’s admit it, society today has a short attention span and a “wall of text” is just not that appealing. To solve this problem we turn to infographics. Infographics are the visual representations of information. They are a way for people to quickly process and commonly understand data. Remember your schoolteachers’ using bar graphs in their lectures, they may not have been that attractive but they got the job done. It was a heck of a lot better than reading all those statistics. At least you could stare at something and pretend to pay attention.

Visual data has come a long way from its pie charts and line graphs. Today, there are limitless possibilities for displaying data and a big boom of creativity has taken over. A well-done infographic, for me, displays a solid balance of readability and simplicity with aesthetics. Information Graphics are everywhere and I have a newfound love for them!

Here is a website I found that works wonders for infographic inspiration.

One of my favorite examples: