The Season For Making Should Never End

Awhile back around the holidays I pulled out an old box full of craft supplies from my childhood. It brought make memories of my mother and I spending time making anything and everything we could.

Have you ever notice that when you are a kid the greatest Christmas gift you could give your parent was something you made? Why now, when we are older, do we think that changes? I would rather someone spend their time on me than money. Time is something you can never get more of and it costs way more than any dollar. Today the DIY bug is going around but I still feel that people are more willing to shell out their dollars rather then give their time. The next time someone gives you a homemade gift appreciate it because when people are gone it is not their big screen TV that is cherished with their memory but the hand made stand it was placed on.

So I decided to make my close friends and family gifts for the holidays. I also wanted to be Greener and reuse things that most people might just throw away without hesitation.

Here are a few gifts I’ve made for the first time this year and would recommend giving again. 


This is made out of a spagetti sauce jar and yarn.


The front ones are made from ice tea bottles and the back are from wine bottles. My idea was to have them as flower vases but depending on the shape they can make good pencil and supplies holders, as well as coffee table or book shelf pieces.


These are made from old light bulbs. I changed a bunch of light bulbs in the house and thought what can I do with these other than throwing them out? They are pretty easy to turn into ornaments. I honestly don’t really like getting ornaments because they always look so factory made. With these you can customize them any way you want. In a past holiday I made personalized Christmas balls for my family but the shape of the bulb allows for some cute creatures.

Hope someone out there enjoys these and gets inspired to make a gift!